Eventlarge artasart project1286464279 www.artasart.org er en dynamisk og interaktiv webside hvor brukeren kan forandre websidens form og innhold.


Tito Frey

20.5.2010 - 13.6.2010
Oslo S

www.artasart.org is a dynamic and interactive website where the user can influence the websites form and content, using internet or sms to 2012.

The content is concerned with the word «art», what art is or what art can be. Small sentences build together a symmetric structure of the website. New lines with new sentences are continuity appearing on the top of the side, while the last line is dropping out. One word is related to «art» in these sentences, like in the title. The user can submit own words, otherwise the program picks these words out of a database. The new words are added to the database. The website is in english and will accept english words only.

The form is built on mirroring and has its origin in paper cuts in folded paper. This results in a symmetric form. In the website the mirroring is used on text. Paper cut is a traditional craftsmanship in many cultures. The cutouts are often in black paper on white base.

Tito Frey (born 1973 in Zürich, Switzerland) is graduating from bachelor of the academy of fine arts in Oslo. The artwork www. artasart.org is a project in public space and is shown on the Oslo central station while the graduation show is going on. The show takes place at Tullinløkka in Oslo from the 21. May to 13. June.