Eventlarge hjorth ikonen woody hr # Woody (2013) - fra serien «Eyes as Big as Plates» Hjorth&Ikonen

«# Woody (2013)»

Karoline Hjorth, Riitta Ikonen

21.8.2015 - 22.2.2016
Oslo S

# Woody (2013) - from the series «Eyes as Big as Plates»
Eyes as Big as Plates is an ongoing collaborative project between the Norwegian-Finnish artist duo Karoline Hjorth (NO) & Riitta Ikonen (FI). Starting out as a play on characters from Nordic folklore, Eyes as Big as Plates has evolved into a continual search for modern human’s belonging to nature. The series is produced in collaboration with retired farmers, fishermen, zoologists, plumbers, opera singers, housewives, artists, academics and ninety year-old parachutists in Norway, Finland, France, US, UK, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Sweden, Japan and Greenland.

# Woody (2013):

«In 2013 Eyes as Big as Plates took on the challenge of finding the natural wonderland that is New York. On the lookout for enthusiastic participants we spent a wintry night in the company of members of New York’s Indoor Gardening Society. One of the regulars was Howard Anthony Nicholas Sebastien Woden Brundage, a.k.a Woody, who told us about a 500 year-old oak tree in the Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx. When Woody was little he often walked to this grand oak that the local Native Americans regarded as a sacred tree. Many generations remember these and there used to be at least five chief oaks. Pollution and storms finally brought down all but one of them.» 

Eyes as Big as Plates

Eyes as Big as Plates has been exhibited in solo and group shows in New York, Helsinki, Paris, Tokyo, Rome, Glasgow, Leeds, Oslo, Bogota, Seoul amongst others. A publication of the series is planned for 2016, for more information, see www.eyesasbigasplates.com

Rom for kunst

Rom for kunst is Rom Eiendom AS’s commit- ment to temporary art projects at Oslo S. The goal is to create positive art experiences for everyone entering the train station.

Art producer/ curator: Kulturbyrået Mesén
Client: Rom Eiendom AS
Print: XLP

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