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«Vi reiser for å finne mormor»

Nina Strand

8.3.2016 - 6.8.2016
Oslo S

Artwork at Flytogterminalen and on video screen, North entrance, Oslo S, by Nina Strand

The background for the project at Oslo S, is the critically acclaimed photography book “Dr. Strand”, by Nina Strand. The book is based on the life of the doctor, feminist and activist Kitty Strand (1947-2001). Strand was one of the initiators when Kvinnefronten was formed in 1971-1972. As a doctor as well as an activist she became important in the new women´s movement´s fight for self-determined abortion.

The project is developed by Kitty´s daughter, photographer and writer Nina Strand. The two of them had made plans to travel from New York to San Fransisco together, a trip they never got to make. Kitty died in 2001. In 2012 Nina travels this route with her own daughter. The trip becomes a red thread through the story she tells about her mother; a narrative featuring three generations of Strand: grandmother Kitty, mother/daughter Nina and daughter/grandchild Kitty.

At Oslo S we get acquainted with this story through a large format photograph at Flytogfasaden and a picture story shown on a video screen inside Oslo S.

Press contact/producer, Kristine K. Wessel, 92055513, kristine@mesen.no.

Nina Strand (born 1973) works as a photographer and writer and is the founder and editor of the Scandinavian Art Journal, Objektiv. She has participated in several group exhibitions in Scandinavia and published Age before Beauty, Kunstnerlønn (self published, 2016), Dr. Strand (book and exhibition, 2015), New View (self publication for Høstutstillingen, 2015), (female) Artist (self published, 2015), Solo (self published, 2015), Trollet (self published, 2014), Backstage (self published, 2014), Det fiktive forhold (self published, 2014), Nykter (academic publication, 2010), So, how do you think you´re doing (Journal, 2008), Gutta på Gølvet (Cappelen, 2004) and Militær (Journal, 2006-2009). She has worked as a photography columnist for Ideer, Dagbladet since 2006 and receives Statens Kunstnerstipend (art scholarship) from 2012-2018. www.ninastrand.no.