«Waiting time by Katinka Maraz»

30.11.2006 - 6.1.2007
Oslo S

Room for Art at Oslo S has the pleasure of inviting you to the opening of the Advent Calendar 2006 which has been created by Katinka Maraz.
Friday December 1st at 6 p.m. / Live performance by S.M.Mongstad. Venue: Oslo S, the Northern entrance, by the taxi stand towards the Underground in the direction of Oslo City.
This year, the Advent Calendar at Oslo Sentralstasjon has been created by the artist Katinka Maraz. The work has been titled: Waiting time

On the façade of Oslo S, artist Katinka Maraz relates her ideas of what waiting time may be through her big photos. Oslo S is the starting point for this compound work that is presented all through December, on the façade and the way down to the Northern entrance to the Underground. Through photos, animations and video, the artist presents various perspectives of the concept and the state of waiting time. The lighting design of the façade has been created by Kurt Hermansen.

Waiting time is in itself an ambivalent state that may be perceived as positive and which contains tingling expectations. It may also be perceived as long, boring, restless, and make you feel lost between two states. Maraz’ stories circle around the city, the room and the people. The scene of the city in the night creates a scenario for a potential action in which you may observe what is going on, or participate if you so desire. The motive from the exit of Oslo S creates an expectation to the city and what is to be found outside.
On the outdoor screen at Øvre Jernbanetorg, Katinka Maraz has chosen to show 9 small animations of snow falling. They emerge between the
commercials and break down the commercial language through its meditative and repetitive form that underlines our expectations to the time of year and in particular the advent period.

On the screen inside of Oslo S, Katinka Maraz, together with 23 invited artists, present various works related to the theme of waiting time. In line with the tradition, a new work will be presented every day in the period 1st – 24th of December.

Katinka Maraz has invited the following artists to present their works on the screen:

  1. Stephan Østensen
  2. Katja Høst
  3. Jan Freuchen og Linn Anita Pedersen
  4. Lene Ask
  5. Marco Bruzzone
  6. Elise Storsveen
  7. Siri Ekker Svendsen
  8. Verena Winkelmann
  9. Merete Mongstad
  10. Sverre Strandberg
  11. Ida Lykken Ghosh
  12. Sofie Berntsen
  13. Kim Su Theiler
  14. Arne Langleite
  15. Ann-Cathrin Hertling
  16. Eline Mugaas
  17. Crispin Gurholt
  18. Yamile Calderon
  19. Line Halvorsen
  20. Tonje Li
  21. Pål Jomås
  22. Maria Isabel Corral
  23. Ole John Aandal
  24. Katinka Maraz

Light: Kurt Hermansen

The Advent Calendar on the Web

The Advent Calendar has also its own web version which you find at julekalender.romforkunst.no Every day in December, a new digital work of art will be presented. A total of 24 artists contribute to the project that focuses on, and in various ways uses waiting time as its theme. In addition you can read more about the project Waiting Time by Katinka Maraz and her work.

The Advent Calendar at Oslo S is a pre-Christmas greeting to the travellers and is a part of NSB and ROM Eiendom AS’ project “Rom for kunst på Oslo S”.

Clip from the media


Serving of soup at Oslo S
In connection with the opening of door no.13 in the Advent Calendar at Oslo S, the artists Katinka Maraz and Nadin Martinuzzi invite you to a simple meal of soup at the entrance of Oslo S between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. 15.00 – 17.00. The culture of food and the meal are social actions that demand that we share and include. In the hectic waiting time before Christmas, artists Maraz and Martinuzzi want us to stop for a moment and a share a meal. The soup that is presented to the visitors at the station is intended to be an friendly offer that reminds us of the common sensual and social experience of food culture.

The project was produced by Rom for kunst by, Kulturbyrået Mesén

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