«Mind, Space and Time»

28.3.2007 - 25.4.2007
Trondheim S

As a universal phenomenon we experience strange encounters or incidents that can seem a bit bizarre. And many ask them self if there is a greater meaning behind, or if it is all a series of coincidences?

We all share an experience about this, at a certain level, some more than others. We do not always have the ability to explain it, but in the very second of discovery or incident, it feels as if some one or some thing greater than our self made this happen or we pay no attention to it and explain it as some thing accidental.

The exhibition Mind, Space and Time at Trondheim Central Station is part of the museums program to produce Site-Specific interventions in collaboration with cities and towns, individuals and communities, their transport system and mass media.

The aim of the interventions is to examine issues connected to Coincidence and its relation to the local and universal context.

The museum’’s collection is constantly re-imagined through this program and expanded by individuals who contributes with their personal stories about Coincidence

The project was produced by Rom for kunst by, Kulturbyrået Mesén

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