Eventlarge tid1294217924 Er tiden lineær, med en begynnelse og slutt? Eller er den sirkulær, med faste sykluser som hele tiden kommer på nytt? Uansett; om hundre år er allting glemt.

«TID - Om hundre år er allting glemt»

5.1.2011 - 30.1.2011
Oslo S

Christine Istad has created a new video work for Oslo Central Station: “TID – om hundre år er allting glemt” (“TIME – all is forgotten in a hundred years”). The work is presented on two screens in the departure hall and depicts words and sayings from everyday conversations about TIME.

Lingual expressions tell us something about how we think about time. Is it linear with a beginning and an end? Or is it circular with repeating cycles? Are we short of time or do we have too much time; are we having a good time or a bad time? Istad presents these expressions in a way which allows us to reflect upon how we conceptualize time.

Istad works with photography, video and installations. In her photography the formal use of sensual expression, abstraction, the series, architecture and the influence of light, are important components. In her videos she often uses fleeting but essential moments as a central theme. In this way the focus of the videos is similar to that of the photographs, where the goal is a form of investigation into the depths of the fragmentary nature of reality.

Christine Istad (f. 1963) was educated at Parsons School of Design NY. She has exhibited at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Kunstmuseet KUBE, Molde Jazz Festival, and at Høstutstillingen several times.

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Christine Istad (f. 1963) har sin utdannelse fra bl.a. Parsons School of Design NY. Hun har hatt en rekke utstillinger blant annet på Henie Onstad Kunstsenter og Kunstmuseet KUBE. Hun har vært festivalutstiller ved Moldejazz og har deltatt flere ganger på Høstutstillingen.

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