«Comic strips at Oslo S»

8.5.2003 - 1.9.2003
Oslo S

Tegneserier på Oslo S was a continuation of the project Litterære meldinger in 2002. The project’’s objective was to communicate and present the quality and the diversity in Norwegian comic strip production.

Six Norwegian creators of comic strips, who represent various genres and expressions, were invited to participate. Six commissioned works were presented in large format on the façade towards Øvre Jernbanetorg and towards Sjøsiden. Comic strips at Oslo S was a new an interesting way of communicating literary works to a large complex audience.

Clip from the media

  • Dagsavisen: Huge comic strips at Oslo S"
  • Aftenposten: Comic strips before the journey
  • Aftenposten: Accordion for all

Other participants and collaborators

The selection of creators of comic strips has been made in collaboration with Morten Harper.

The project has received support from Norsk Kulturråd and Egmont.

The project was produced by Rom for kunst by Kulturbyrået Mesén.

Eventlarge tegneserier i original
Eventsmall tegneserier ii original
Eventsmall tegneserier iii original
Eventsmall tegneserier iv original
Eventsmall tegneserier v original
Eventsmall tegneserier vi original
Eventsmall tegneserier vii original