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«Arctic technology»

Christian Houge

26.2.2008 - 9.4.2008
Oslo S

Rom for kunst presents Arctic Technology, a series of photographs by Christian Houge. Different images will be exhibited concurrently at Oslo Central Station and Trondheim Central Station.

The island of Spitsbergen (or Svalbard) is located between Greenland and the North Pole. It has one of the cleanest atmospheres in the world and is therefore an excellent location for conducting astronomical, meteorological and climate research. This remote and pristine landscape is therefore marked by installations of technological and scientific equipment. Christian Houge views these installations as metaphors for the human search for knowledge and the more introvert search for self understanding. His work also reflects on our dependency on technology.

Christian Houge has visited Svalbard ten times over the previous seven years, taking large scale panoramic images of instillations at different times of the year and in different light conditions. Houge employs light, perspective and proportions to intriguing the viewer.

Christian Houge was born in 1972 in Norway, where he lives and works. He has exhibited in New York, London, Paris and Oslo.

Exhibition spaces:

Oslo Central Station

By the main entrance; the façade on Øvre Jernbanetorg: “Antennaforest” (25 × 7,6m)
The Airport Express terminal, the façade towards the Fjord (10 × 2m)
Plasma screen above the escalators leading to the Northern entry to the Metro.

Trondheim Central Station 28/2 – 30/4 2008

The façade of Trondheim S: 5 photos (3 × 1m)
The “cube” room inside the station: 3 photos and soundscape
On the platforms: 6 photos

For more information contact Vibeke Christensen 92 88 68 12
or Ingrid Økland: 46 47 28 74.

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Produced for Rom for kunst by Kulturbyrået Mesén

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