Eventlarge img 6864 Sukhumi, Abkhazia by Jonas Bendiksen. Photo: Camilla Storvollen

«Sukhumi, Abkhazia»

Jonas Bendiksen

20.3.2015 - 20.8.2015
Oslo S

Jonas Bendiksen photographs can be seen both as journalism, documentary and art. He often focuses on isolated communities and people living there; situations and places outside the major news stories.

"I love working with stories that are not a part of the daily headlines. The most meaningful and compelling motives tend to be lurking in the hidden, crooked stories flying past, just below the radar."
- Jonas Bendiksen

Rom for kunst

Room for art is the contemporary art initiative by Rom Eiendom AS and has been run since 2001 at Oslo Central Station.

Art Producer and curator is Kulturbyrået Mesén.

The intention is to create positive art experiences for travelers and visitors to the station.

Location: Airport Express facade Oslo Central Station

Press Contact: Art producer Vibeke Christensen, mobile: 92 88 68 12 vibeke@mesen.no

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Sukhumi, Abkhazia

The photograph presented at Oslo S is taken from the series "Satellites" with photos of former Soviet Union, which Bendiksen worked with in the period 1998 - 2005. The image shows Russian tourists and local residents who bathe on the beach outside the capital Sukhumi in Abkhazia.

The current status of the territory of Abkhazia is disputed, with the Sukhumi authorities considering themselves an independent country, while the Tbilisi government views it as occupied Georgian territory. Abkhazia exist as an independent country, although it is neither recognized by the UN or other countries than Russia. Abkhazia is located in scenic surroundings on the Black Sea, but the shoreline is characterized by several years of conflict, refugee flows and financial difficulties. Several abandoned shipwrecks are lying in harbors and bays, and are now used as diving boards for youngsters.

"For me personally this image represents a balance between destructive and restorative forces" - Jonas Bendiksen

Photography is a powerful journalistic tool. Bendiksen explores photography as an artistic medium versus journalistic documentation when he exhibits his work in large format in a public space; the façade of the Airport Express Train Terminal.

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