Eventlarge wolf Still from Margarida Paiva's Soul Blindness, 2019

«Soul Blindness»

Margarida Paiva

5.12.2019 - 15.1.2020
Oslo S

A quiet forest. Mist wanders through the air like a lost soul. Ghosts of dead animals haunt the landscape. Inspired on ancient animist beliefs in which plants, animals and places all possess a distinct spiritual essence, the film points to our growing inability to recognise that other creatures are sentient and mindful beings as we are.

Margarida Paiva (1975, Portugal) is a visual artist living in Oslo working with film and photography. In 2007, she completed her Master degree at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and her work has been shown widely in exhibitions and international festivals. Recent works aim to explore relationships between humans and other living beings, like plant and animal life. Animals and plants are depicted in a melancholic and dark world as they relate to nature’s vulnerability and what we might leave behind when we are gone.


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