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Esther Maria Bjørneboe

31.10.2019 - 1.9.2020
Oslo S

Esther Maria Bjørneboe has created a vast oil painting for the 10 x 10 metre glass facade at Oslo S. Her composition, featuring her characteristic colourful abstract shapes, is based on her experiences of and reflections on this public place. While working on the piece during the summer, Bjørneboe’s process has revolved around a theme that she describes as "hidden in the old, revealed in the new".

The work, which recontextualises stained glass in a temporary form, references both church history and contemporary art. During the daytime it can be experienced as an opaque abstract, while after dark, lit from within, it appears more transparent and luminous. 

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Bjørneboe is curious to see the effect that these changing colours and shapes work will have on the space throughout the day. How will the work affect viewers and their experience of the place?

Esther Maria Bjørneboe

Esther Maria Bjørneboe is a painter and illustrator, who lives and works in Oslo. Educated at the Institute of Color at the Norwegian National Arts and Crafts School, she has received the State Guaranteed Income for Artists and has participated in a large number of exhibitions. Her work has been purchased for private and public collections, such as The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Prime Minister's Office and the National Library, and she has carried out several public decorating commissions for Oslo Municipality and KORO. In parallel with her projects as a fine artist, she has worked as a courtroom artist and illustrator for the press, including NRK – Dagsrevyen and Morgenbladet

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