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Natasja Askelund

20.6.2008 - 20.9.2008
Stavanger railway station

The exhibition PLAY I and PLAY II by Natasja Askelund opened at Stavanger train station Friday 20. June at 14.00.

This is the first Rom for kunst (Room for art) exhibition at Stavanger train station. Rom for kunst was established in Oslo in 2001 and was extended to Trondheim train station in 2007.

Natasja Askelund´s PLAY I and PLAY II are collages based on several of her earlier paintings. Key words for her works are control, culture and nature, often in a feministic context.

Natasja Askelund is educated at Vestlandets kunstakademi and the Royal Academy of Art in Haag. She lives and works in Stavanger.

Contact Kulturbyrået Mesén: Kristine K. Wessel mobile: 920 555 13 or Vibeke Christensen mobile: 92 88 68 12.

ROM eiendom AS, Torill Sevild, eiendomssjef mobile: 91 66 95 30 torills@romeiendom.no

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Opening performance: Showdogs
Aina Fatland Røine and Line Fatland Frøystad with bordercollies Quela and Chilli. A show in obedience. The artist will be present at the opening.

Produced for Rom for kunst by Kulturbyrået Mesen

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