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«The Opera»

10.4.2008 - 15.6.2008
Oslo S

Artist Katja Høst har created a sculptural installation with photos from the old Opera-building in Oslo. for The exhibition is presented at Christian Frederiks plass on the south side of Oslo Central Station.

The installation can be seen both as an urban installation and as a photo exhibition. As the new Opera building opens in Oslo, Katja Høst want to reflect on the past and to compare the differences and similiarities between the two building projects.

Katja Høst´s work is concerned with identity as a flexible and context-dependent entity. Parameters in social situations and collective understanding influence how we picture ourselves. These parameters, and how they influence us, is the target of investigation.

Through photographic and filmic studies she search for the lines between the subjective and the objective in our self-understanding. When are we the masters of our own expression as social actors, and when are we not? What social context moves us? In what way? How or when do we welcome it?

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Supported by ROM eiendom AS, Statsbygg, Oslo kommune, Megaprint AS, Den Norske Høytalerfabrikken and Byggimpuls AS.

Produced for Rom for kunst by Kulturbyrået Mesen.

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Presseomtale: Aftenposten Østkantavisa Kulturkompasset Ballade Morgenbladet Norsk Komponistforening bidrar med åpningsstuntet: Instant – en pulveropera (Urfremføring) Produksjonen Operaen er støttet av ROM eiendom AS, Statsbygg, Oslo kommune, Megaprint AS, Den Norske Høytalerfabrikken og Byggimpuls AS. Produsert av Rom for kunst ved prosjektleder Kulturbyrået Mesén

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