«Norway – a realm of sound»

3.10.2002 - 13.10.2002
Oslo S

Norway – a realm of sound was a sound composition and an interactive sound installation that was placed at the entrance of Oslo S.

The sounds were supplied by 18 microphones located at selected places all over the country that every NRK regional office and NRK Sámi Radio were responsible for. 16 sound showers were located in the railway station and presented selected sounds from each of the counties. The sound was transferred to a soundproof room at Oslo S that the audience was invited to enter. The sound installation was interactive, so that the composition of the sound image could be influenced by the audience. The project was carried out in connection with the Ultima Festival 2002. An original sound composition, that used the transferred material as its starting point, was performed and transmitted through NRK 2 live. The sound composition was created by Asbjørn Blokkum Flø

Clip from the media

The project was produced by in collaboration between NRK, Notam, The Ultima Festival and Rom for kunst by Kulturbyrået Mesén.

Eventlarge norge et lydrike i original
Eventsmall norge et lydrike ii original
Eventsmall norge et lydrike iii original
Eventsmall norge et lydrike iv original
Eventsmall norge et lydrike v original