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«Three video works of meeting places»

My Lindh, Alicja Rogalska, Carolina Jonsson

6.7.2010 - 16.8.2010
Oslo S

BASTET by Alicja Rogalska

08.00/ loop/2008

Site-specific video installation created in Alexandria in Egypt.

A beautifully laid table was left in the street for stray cats to enjoy – an offering to the once sacred animal. Bastet was a cat-headed solar goddess and protector of women in ancient Egypt.

Alicja Rogalska artist living and working in England. Her work is concentrated on public sitespecific works often in cooperation with other artists/non artists in works with video, photo, performance and installations.



In the video the viewer is presented with a front view of a landscape. In the centre of the picture there is an empty road. Suddenly a car comes by, which has unforeseen consequences. Roadmovie is a video about movement, perception and the order of things.

My Lindh lives and works in Stockholm. Since her MA exams from Valand; Gothenburg and Konstfack, Stockholm she has participated in several exhibitions and festivals nationally and internationally with performance,video and installation art. She also take part in education as teacher.

UNDERTOW by Carolina Jonsson


The video render a time that is divided and is lacking a traditional chain of events that involves a given starting point and ending. The film corresponds to our inner world of dreams and remembered images that constantly is in motion and is changing. What is true and what is not true of all that we register and experience?

Carolina Jonsson was born in 1975 and has her education both at Kunstakademiet in Trondheim and at Valand in Göteborg. She continuously participateswith her videos in exhibitions nationally and internationally.

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