«Marius Mørch in Videogalleriet»

16.5.2003 - 23.5.2003
Oslo S

The video work “Way out West” by Marius Mørch was presented in the Videogalleriet.

The work ”Way out West” 2002, present short scenes from six separate films, all made in the US in the ’70-ies. The ability of the language of films to seduce is explored in this work. Common for the work of Marius Mørch is the strong refernce to the film genre, but also the general treatment of physical violence and abuse by the media.

As a part of the initiative Rom for kunst på Oslo S, a presentation venue for video art was established in the railway station in 2002. The Videogalleriet was operative in the period 2002-2003.
The Videogalleriet has had various collaborating partners that have contributed to the programming and the curating. In addition, Rom for kunst has presented its own curated presentations.

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