«The Christmas Tree Calendar 2003 »

30.11.2003 - 1.1.2004
Oslo S

Six artists were commissioned to create a new façade of Oslo S consisting of 24 Christmas trees. The artists decorated the spruces and a new tree was mounted on the façade every day from the 1st to the 24th of December.

The project is based on the idea of the traditional Advent calendar in which a new window in the calendar is opened every day. The project was carried out for the first time in 2001 and has become an annual tradition in Oslo. The selection of artists represents a broad spectre of artistic expressions and genres, and has been curated by Rom for kunst. The Julekalender is NSB’s Christmas present to the passengers.

Clip from the media

  • Dagsavisen: Warm trees on calendar

The project was produced by Rom for kunst by Kulturbyrået Mesén.

Eventlarge juletrekalenderen 2003   1 original
Eventsmall juletrekalenderen 2003   2 original
Eventsmall juletrekalenderen 2003   3 original
Eventsmall juletrekalenderen 2003   4 original