«The Advent Calendar 2005 »

30.11.2005 - 5.1.2006
Oslo S

In 2005, The Advent Calendar at Oslo S appeared in a totally new form and therefore changed its name to Julekalenderen på Oslo S. The artist Ingrid Toogood Hovland was given the assignment of designing this year’s calendar.

Hovland got inspiration for the Julekalender from the classical snow ball and the story about the Little Match Seller. The installation at Oslo S was supplied with new elements every day and refers to the children’’s Advent Calendar tradition with small events and presents in the waiting time before Christmas. With drawings, sculptures, light, templates, performance and events as a starting point, Hovland visualized a story through 24 days.

The Julekalender had its own web version in 2005 that developed in parallel with the Julekalender at Oslo S. The project was carried out for the first time in 2001 and has become an annual tradition in Oslo. The Julekalender is NSB’s Christmas present to the passengers.

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Other participants and collaborators

The Advent Calendar on the web has been made by Kulturbyrået Mesén, by Johan Bakken and Geir Arne Brevik

The project was produced by Rom for kunst, by Kulturbyrået Mesén.

Eventlarge julekalenderen 2005 original
Eventsmall julekalenderen 2005 2006 original
Eventsmall julekalenderen 2005 2006 05 original
Eventsmall julekalenderen 2005 2006 05 04 original