2.4.2004 - 12.5.2004
Oslo S

Two photos by Jorunn Irene Hanstvedt were presented on the façade of Oslo S.

The photos constitute a part of the series Sleepers from 2002. The works elaborate on sleep as an image of “being in another place” and as a protest against a materialistically orientated society. Or may be they are merely an expression of silent meditation.

Jorunn Irene Hanstvedt says the following about ”Sleepers”:

“The theme of the photos is homeless persons that sleep, as it were, right on the street, totally exposed in the public room. I move them out of reality and into new constellations. This is my artistic form of work of a caring nature and a wish to “raise them up to a humanly acceptable level”.

Clip from the media

The project was produced for Rom for kunst, by Kulturbyrået Mesén.

Eventlarge sleepers i original
Eventsmall sleepers ii original
Eventsmall sleepers iii original