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««I Shall Not Name You» by Ole Martin Lund Bø »

Ole Martin Lund Bø

14.10.2010 - 20.11.2010
Oslo S

Ole Martin Lund Bø has created a work of art at the Central Station in Oslo. The work “I Shall Not Name You” consists of three parts.

The façade facing the central station will be covered by a 450 m² gray fabric evocative of a stage curtain. This simple curtain hides the façade whilst varying intensities of light from behind are suggestive what might lie hidden.

The glass façade of the airport train terminal will be covered with mirrored foil; an exclusive material that Lund Bø uses in a reckless manner, exaggerating the imperfection of the surface.

Inside the station a video installation with a song entitled “If I Should Die” by Anita Lane will be shown on multiple screens. The song plays at intervals of once every half an hour and the text of the song is synchronized across several screens.

All three parts form a dialogue which together constitutes the complete work “I Shall Not Name You”.

In his earlier artworks, Lund Bø employed elements of visual mass media and the rhetoric of authoritarian power. By isolating techniques and stripping perspectives of their initial content, new meaning occurs. In his later work, these instruments become increasingly disintegrated and abstracted so that the communicative aspect is suppressed and the aesthetic dimension becomes increasingly autonomous. Lund Bø uses materials and objects which are associated with certain conditions, and puts them together as a portal to new perceptions.

Ole Martin Lund Bø (b. 1973) completed his education at the Art Academy in Bergen in 2002 and has since lived and worked in New York and Berlin. Lund Bø has worked mainly with installations and photography. In 2008 he participated in the exhibition “LIGHTS ON – Norwegian Contemporary Art” at the Astrup Fearnely Museum of Modern Art, where the most important contemporary Norwegian artists of the past ten years were presented.

Ole Martin Lund Bø will have separate exhibitions at the gallery “Christian Torp” on 28th October 2010, and the Artists’’ Association on 12th February 2011.

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Opening 14. oktober at 7 p.m by the main entrance at the central station.

The exhibition is produced by Kulturbyrået Mesén for Rom Eiendom AS.

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