«The Autumn Exhibition at Oslo S 2003 »

5.9.2003 - 5.10.2003
Oslo S

In 2003, the collaboration between The Autumn Exhibition and Rom for kunst at Oslo S was established. The Autumn Exhibition wanted to extend its venue for exhibition and establish a satellite in Norway’s best visited building, Oslo S.

The work ”Politically loaded surface” from 2003 by Jan B.Christensen and Øystein Aasan was presented on the façade of Oslo S. The work was awarded Norsk Rederiforbund’s award of NOK 20,000.

In the Videogalleriet at Oslo S, The Autumn Exhibition also presented the works of a selection of artists in the 2003 exhibition.

Clip from the media

  • Dagsavisen: Høstutstillingen’s satellite at Oslo

Produced by The Autumn Exhibition in collaboration with Rom for kunst, by Kulturbyrået Mesén.

Eventlarge hstutstillingen 2003 original
Eventsmall hstutstillingen 2003 2006 original