«Compliments from RINGNES, Skotbu (2001-2005); -it’s been a nice summer! (2005)»

13.10.2005 - 16.11.2005
Oslo S

Compliments from RINGNES, Skotbu is a photographic project that was carried out on the property Ringnes in the end of a cul-de-sac at Skotbu.

Ringnes is the home and the studio of Talleiv Taro Manum. Through visual consciousness in the activities on the property and preparations for the festival and the performance based on private social relations, the work related to Compliments from RINGNES, Skotbu, been a full time experience without dividing lines between the private and the professional elements. Apart from work that have been issued in the form of posters 200-2005, the release of the vinyl album:
RINGNES 3003 –Live, documentation of the festival project: The album includes sound recordings of all the concerts on the verandah in 2003, photographical Ringnes portfolio by Agnete Brun, as well as work by Manum.
RINGNES 2004 – The Album publicizes Kim Hiortøy’s place specific sound recordings and 37 photos. Both albums have the form of classical folding covers with the respective year’s group photo by Manum printed on the inside.
The group photo from the festival in 2005 was presented on the façade of Oslo S.The works of the four young representatives for Norwegian photographic art was presented in big format on the façade of Oslo S in 2005.

Clip from the media

  • Oslopuls: 12 meters of summer to Oslo S

Other participants and collaborators

“Forbundet Frie Fotografer ":http://www.fotogalleriet.no/fff/ has been a central collaborating partner in the effort of presenting photographic art.

The project was produced by Rom for kunst, by Kulturbyrået Mesén.

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