«HC Gilje in Videogalleriet»

HC Gilje

24.4.2003 - 7.5.2003
Oslo S

Two video works by HC Gilje were presented in the Videogalleriet at Oslo S.

The work crossings, 2002, was made live during a tour with the video-impro trio 242.pilots in February 2002. It was based on the principle of taking small parts of each video frame and layer by layer build up these fragments on top of each other. The result is a collage that consists of various time fragments. The music was composed by Jazzkammer. The work nearuki – sleepwalkers, 2003, is the first part of a large scale tokyo project with the working title electric city. The presentation was curated by Rom for kunst in collaboration with HC Gilje

As a part of the initiative Rom for kunst på Oslo S, a presentation venue for video art was established in the railway station in 2002. The Videogalleriet was operative in the period 2002-2003. The Videogalleriet has had various collaborating partners that have contributed to the programming and the curating. In addition, Rom for kunst has presented its own curated presentations.

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