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«Hans and Gretchen»

18.3.2003 - 27.4.2003
Oslo S

Mikkel McAlindens photo “Hans og Grethe” was presente don the façade of Oslo S.

This was the first photo project that was carried out at Oslo S. The work was printed on a huge canvas and covered a total of 150 m2.

Mikkel McAlinden says the following about the work “Hans og Grethe” (2002):

”Hans and Gretchen awake in the middel of a forest. The sun shines and the birds have eaten all the bread crumbs that showed the way home. Around them, there are a variety of opportunities that may entail salvation or perdition. At the place where they are at the present, they are safe – right here, nothing will happen and in this, we also find their dilemma: As long as they stand where they are, nothing will happen.”

Clip from the media

  • And some photo NRK K-Punkt

The project was produced by Rom for kunst på Oslo S by Kulturbyrået Mesén.

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