«Hadley 1753»

24.6.2004 - 1.5.2010
Oslo S

Hadley 1753 is an installation by Stefan Christiansen at Ballustraden in the distribution hall at Oslo S.

The installation Hadley 1753 is an 18 meter long wind tunnel with the wind blowing in two directions and has been specially made for Oslo S. The tunnel has two great fans that alternatively blow in each direction. The tunnel contains loose particles that move with the wind. The installation borrows its title from the British meteorologist George Hadley who was active in the 18th century. He is credited as the first to formulate an exact theory of the trade winds and the appurtenant meridional pattern of circulation known as the Hadley cell.

Clip from the media

The project was produced by Rom for kunst, by Kulturbyrået Mesén.

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