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«Dolk and Pøbel»

Dolk, Pøbel

28.4.2010 - 27.9.2010
Oslo S

Rom for Kunst presents two of Norway’’s leading street artists: Dolk and Pøbel

“Rom Eiendom AS is pleased to present new and older works by Dolk and Pøbel in Oslo and Trondheim in the period May to September 2010. The work represents the highlights of both artists’’ production, and also several works specially created for this exhibition.” Signe Horn, Director of Public Relations and Communication in Rome Eiendom AS.

Official opening Trondheim S, Wednesday 28 April at 16.00, main hall. (Live music by the band Gode Ord Dør Sist).

Opening Oslo S, Thursday 29 April at 16.00, main entrance.

By expressing visual impressions on the street and house walls, etc. this art form puts focus on the ownership of the public, the right to public expression, as well as a more art-oriented discussion about what art is and where and how it can be presented.

The exhibition is complex and consists of prints and foliated motifs on the facades, boards, as well as new works by Pøbel painted directly on walls inside the stations in both cities. As a part of the exhibition, there will be a screening of the short film “Living Decay” by Davide Fasolo, which documents the project “Ghetto leper”, a Dolk and Pøbel cooperation in Lofoten in 2008.

About the artists:

Dolk from Bergen has long been considered the most promising street artist of Norway. He is often compared to artists such as Banksy and Pale le Rat in the international context and has recently also been shown in several countries. In these days Dolk opens a new exhibition at the Brooklynite Gallery in New York where he will exhibit six new works next to works by street artist M-City.

Pøbel from Stavanger took the arts from the street and moved it into “no man’’s land” and thereby changed people’’s perception and definition of “street art”. He often works with relatively high motives and ideas. His best known projects is the “Terra Nullius” (street art in “no man’’s land”), “Ghetto leper” (abandoned houses in Lofoten) in collaboration with Dolk. Pøbel is certainly the first artist to have painted artwork on a dead sperm whale.

On the face of Oslo S there will be exhibited two new works; “Bachelor” by Pøbel and “Prison Painter” of Dolk, while the Airport Express train facade displays the work “The Song Remains the Same” by Pøbel which in addition has a wall inside the station at his disposal where he will create a piece of art.

In the departure hall, we have a 11 meter long wall to Pøbels disposal where he will be working on a artpiece in the days before opening. The entrance to Trondheim shows the following works: “Hereos”, “Riot Kid” by Dolk and “Sound of Music” and “Pluto” by Pøbel. In addition, we show posters on some platforms with works by both artists.

Video Works

“Living Decay” by Davide Fasolo, tells the story of the project Ghetto leper which Dolk and Pøbel made come true in Lofoten in 2008. The film is shown in the gallery space of Trondheim S and in the departure hall (NOTE: new arena) and next to the escalators leading to the subway at Oslo S.

“Rom for kunst” at Oslo S
Rom Eiendoms´ commitment “Rom for Kunst” was initiated in 2001 at Oslo S. Rom for Kunst facilitates the dissemination of contemporary art on the train station. Over a period of 8 years, Oslo (and from 2007 Trondheim S) has established itself as an important venue for public art, which opens a dialogue with a large and complex public group. Kulturbyrået Mesén is project manager for Rom for Kunst. www.romforkunst.no

The latest exhibition was started through collaboration with the street art festival Nuart in Stavanger.

Press coverage

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Radio Nova, interview with Vibeke Christensen, Meseén 28.04.2010. Direktesending.

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The exhibition is produced by Kulturbyrået Mesen

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