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«Future Oslo Advent Calendar »


30.11.2007 - 5.1.2008
Oslo S

This years Advent Calendar at Oslo Central Station is the image “Future Oslo” created by the German artist group eBoy. The image, which portrays a vision of Oslo 10 years from now, is exhibited on the stations west façade. Everyday between the 1st and 24th December a new element is added either on the façade or in the station area. Added elements are “people” from the eBoy-universe, designed in their characteristic pixel style with a sense of fun.

Mr. Olson is the local teacher for math, he talks during his sleep.
She is a well known singer from Island. Nobody knows her in this town.

In addition, twenty-four Oslo citizens have been invited to write their own vision of Oslo 10 years from now. These texts will be shown on a screen at the central station, printed in the newspaper Aftenposten Aften and published on the website julekalender


eBoy was established in Berlin in 1998 by Steffen Sauerteig, Svend Smital and Kai Vermehr. The concept was to embrace new opportunities in the digital art by concentrating on the pixel – the image point. In this way, eBoy are able to maintain one hundred percent control of the representation of an image on the monitor. One may readily see parallels between eBoy’s work and computer game graphics.

eBoy`s work has been featured in Wired, Computer Arts, New York Times, The Guardian, Fortune Magazine, Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, Edge, The Facehave. Clients include Adidas, Diesel, DKNY, Honda, Levi’s, Microsoft, MTV, Nike, Paul Smith, Pepsi, Replay, Saatchi, SAP.

Previously, eBoy has created urban illustrations depicting New York, London, Venice and Berlin.

The writers

The following people have contributed with their visions of Oslo in 10 years time.

  1. Kåre Willoch, former priminister
  2. Kjetil André Aamodt og Gudmund Skjeldal, alpin skiers
  3. Long Litt Woon, business woman
  4. Erling Fossen, author
  5. Liv Jessen, leader of the Pro Center
  6. Karyn Bennett-Lund, TV presenter for NRK (National TV)
  7. Arild Hermstad, daglig leder i Framtiden i våre hender
  8. Jørgen Foss, yngste bydelsutvalgsmedlem i Oslo
  9. Bernt Reitan Jenssen, director of Sporveien (Oslo Public Transport)
  10. Merete Agerbak-Jensen, politician
  11. Kirsti Bergstø, youth politician
  12. Erling Folkvord, politician
  13. Hasan Gunay, manager of the grocery store Sultan Market
  14. Erling Lae, Chairman of the city council
  15. Steinar Eidaker, ass. generalsecretary of the Norwegian Ski Association
  16. Annette Münch, author
  17. Ingelin Killengreen, Chief of police
  18. Writer for =Oslo (street magazine sold by the homeless)
  19. Gatas Parlament, leftwing radical hip-hop group
  20. Tom Remlov, director of the Norwegian Opera
  21. Matti Arentz, artist
  22. Sunniva Gylver, priest for central Oslo parish
  23. Christin Holthe, photographer
  24. Einar Enger, director of NSB (National railway)

The glam-rock band King Midas will perform at the opening on the 1st December.

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Produced by Rom for kunst – Kulturbyrået Mesén.

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Aftenposten skribenter

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