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«Furuhelvetica/Flukt bridging Oslo S»

Furu Hælvetica, Flukt Flukt

Oslo S

On the occasion of the opening of the new bridge between Grønland and Bjørvika, we present Furudyret by Furuhælvetica, previously shown at DogA and V&A, staged by dance-theatre company Flukt.

Oslo Sentralstasjon, the departure hall, saturday 9. april 2011. 13.00 – 15.00
Performance by FLUKT: 13.00

Furudyret is a sculptural installation made of 600 square wooden squares. By putting these together in hexagonal patterns, shapes can be constructed and reconstructed. Members of the audience and of the dance-theatre company can vary the shapes through interventions.

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The art and culture tour of the area is initiated and supportet by Oslo Kunsthall. On the occasion of the opening of the bridge, Oslo Kunsthall aims to raise awareness on the abundance of cultural diversity existing in the area of Grønland, Tøyen, Gamlebyen and Bjørvika.

Press contact: Vibeke Christensen
mobil: 92 88 68 12

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