Eventlarge headlights 1  a k dolven "Headlights" - From His Last Winter av A.K. Dolven på videogalleriet

«Anne Kathrine Dolven in the Videogalleriet»

Anne Katrine Dolven

11.4.2002 - 11.5.2002
Oslo S

In connection with the exhibition ”headlights” at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in 2002, Anne Katrine Dolven presented the work: from his last winter, in the Videogalleriet at Oslo S

The work “From his last winter”, 2000, is presented for the first time in Norway and is a continuation of the exhibition at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter. The video depicts a couple entwined in a kiss. The kiss symbolises a meeting point between two persons, simultaneously as it may mark both the beginning and the end of a relationship or a life cycle.

As a part of the initiative Rom for kunst på Oslo S, a presentation venue for video art was established in the railway station in 2002. The Videogalleriet was operative in the period 2002-2003. The Videogalleriet has had various collaborating partners that have contributed to the programming and the curating. In addition, Rom for kunst has presented its own curated presentations.

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The project was produced in collaboration with Henie Onstad Kunstsenter and Rom for kunst, by Kulturbyrået Mesén.