«The People’s Heroes at Oslo S»

3.5.2006 - 15.8.2006
Oslo S

The G.U.N. Ladies present Folkets Helter at Oslo S. June 15th, the project Folkets Helter will be opened on the façade of Oslo S. The project will be on exhibition until the middle of August.

The G.U.N. Ladies have reflected on the importance of ideals and heroes in society of to-day. In the press and the media, we have seen countless elections of various idols, ideals and heroes. But what often characterizes the winners of these elections or competitions, is that the press already has laid the premises for the selection.

The diversity round Oslo S when it comes to ethnicity, professional background and age, constitutes an interesting cross section of people in Norway and provides a proper basis in order to say what the “People” says.

Clip from the media

The project was produced by Rom for kunst by, Kulturbyrået Mesén.

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