Eventlarge 4132682565147651288345359 Elve/benk av Stenberg/Sørensen på Oslo S


Elin T. Sørensen, Erle Stenberg

7.2.2011 - 22.5.2011
Oslo S

The landscape furniture piece Elve/benk has been transported from Trondheim to be exhibited at Oslo Central Station. The item is in the form of a landmark in Trondheim, the river Nidelven, and is made of oak from the construction of the interior of the Opera in Oslo.

Elve/benk will be exhibited in Oslo until May 2011.

The artists Stenberg and Sørensen have recently worked with concepts for landscape furniture, environmental design and site specific art production in the public realm. The artists explore the use of recycled materials in their work, and develop their ideas through experimentation.

This landscaped furniture is part of the project Rom for kunst; contemporary art in railway stations.

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Production: Per Christian Nordborg at Ndesign and Marie Fjeldstad

Client: Rom for kunst: Rom Eiendom AS

Producer and project leader: Kulturbyrået Mesén AS