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29.3.2011 - 1.5.2011
Oslo S

Heaven Can Wait is an on-going project exploring the idea of panoramic spectatorship through the phenomenon of revolving restaurants.

The revolving restaurant is a form of kinetic architecture invented in the wake of post-war progress and technological optimism in 1959 in Germany. It soon grew to a wide-spread popularity during the 60s cold war coupled with the unprecedented technological progress on a global scale. Today there are more than 200 revolving restaurants around the world and their elevated revolving views continue to attract and impress tourists worldwide. Encapsulated in a mediated space, the spectator of the revolving restaurant is immersed in a moving 360-dergee “projection of reality.” Virtuality collides with reality; the window-screen of the revolving view turns reality into a cinematic event. A landmark by default, the revolving restaurant is designed to fulfill the tourist agenda by providing an instant sense of achievement through prolonged notion of travel and perpetual manifestation of the location.

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Heaven Can Wait, No. 32, 2010

– can you see one your way to the Subway.