«British video art at Oslo S»

7.10.2003 - 6.11.2003
Oslo S

In collaboration with British Council, Rom for kunst presents “Once Seen”, a selection of topical works from well known British video artists.

”Once Seen” explores our relationship with the public room through a number of accidental meetings; passing vignettes; stolen looks at people in shops, railway stations, airports and through a series of every day life actions caught by the camera.The title of the programme refers to the ”Once Seen” column in the magazine Time Out, in which prople may search for persons they just have seen passing by, but never met in person. The programme hails the every day meeting points and moments that are so passing that they never really stick.

The programme has been curated particularly with Oslo S and the railway station in mind as a venue for presentation and relates to the spectators’ own situation. A series of narrative and highly subjective points of view and thoughts about travelling, technology and movement are presented in the programme that has brought together some of the leading British artists that work within video, animation and installation.

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Other participants and collaborators

Lina D. Russell – curator
Lina D. Russel runs the curator and production company Electra in London and is the web editor of The Wire Magazine. Russel has also worked as curator for the Institute for Contemporary Art and The Lux Centre in London.

The project has received support from British Council.

The project was produced by Rom for kunst by Kulturbyrået Mesén in collaboration with British Council.

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