«Bergen - Oslo»

29.10.2003 - 23.11.2003
Oslo S

A group of young artists from the Western parts of Norway were invited to participate in an exhibition at Olso S. The theme for the works was place and identity.

During Bergen – Oslo, the major part of Oslo S was employed as an exhibition venue. The exhibition represented a large scope in artistic expression and form of material. The common denominator for all the works was the place related issues that arise from working in a public urban room. The title of the exhibition refers to the railway line between the two most central cities in Norway, as well as the meeting between to artistic milieus. The curative work has been done in collaboration with Anne Thomassen from Galleri Temp.

Clip from the media

  • Aftenposten: Laid the egg at Oslo S


The night between October 29th and 30th, 300 porcelain eggs with date imprints were transported on the night express from Bergen to Oslo. The eggs were distributed on the beds of the train and with a note attached. The passengers that travelled this night were invited to participate in the performance by bringing along an egg they had received and place it in the departure hall at Oslo S.

The project has received support from Norsk Kulturråd and The City of Oslo.

The project was produced by Rom for kunst på Oslo S by Kulturbyrået Mesén.

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