Eventlarge dsc 4753 Balanseklang av Kristine Roald Sandøy på Oslo S. Foto: Vibeke Christensen


Kristine Roald Sandøy

10.1.2014 - 30.4.2014
Oslo S

The artist Kristine Roald Sandøysund have handmade sculptures of metal and fabric for the facade of the Central Station. The artwork "Balanseklang" (Balancesound) gives an experience of life and volume on the dark wall of the upper Railway Square.

Through humor and play Kristine Roald Sandøy´s sculptures invites to exploration and reflection by the sculptures tactile and balancing form and expression. The sculptures are reminiscent of musical instruments, they are playful in shape and easy to associate over. The artist is keen to show the handycraft behind the artwork, in contrast to all the machine produced objects that surround us in everyday life. The sculptures are displayed against a backdrop of a photo collage from the circus world with different balancing artists from the last century. The sculptures are illuminated at night. 

Kristine Roald Sandøy (1982) studied at the Art Academy in Oslo. She works with sculpture , both kinetic and mechanical, and is artistically placed between visual and performing arts. In artistic processes she is looking to provide common experiences to the public on the basis that art is communication between people. Sandøy has collaborated with artist group "Verdensteatret" (World Theatre), where she works with sculptors and electromechanical scenography. She received the Anders Jahres Cultural Prize for Young Artists in 2011, and has participated in several exhibitions in Norway. 

For Rom Eiendom AS, it is important to use urban space to create positive experiences, and Kristine Roald Sandøy´s work contribute to this. - Rom Eiendom AS v/Signe Horn, Director of Strategy and Public Affairs.

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Print: XLP Extra Large Print
Technical consultant/production and mounting: WORX as by Ståle Larsen
Fotocollage: Sandøy and Commando Group
Metal work assistance: Bolt
Lys: Multitechnic

Thank you for letting us use photos in the collage: Eames Office, Corbis Images, FCIT

Project leader, producer and curator for Rom for kunst:  Kulturbyrået Mesén.

NRK Møre og Romsdal

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