«Behind the façade»

6.1.2005 - 1.5.2010
Oslo S

By using 180 lights, light designer Kurt Hermansen has created a renewed façade on Oslo S. The installation creates colour changes on the façade that vary through the day.

The starting point for the project was that NSB and Aberdeen Property Investors wanted to repair the façade at the main entrance of Oslo S. The station building is characterized by its dark façade and the need for lighting is particularly noticeable during the winter season. The light installation wil be presented every winter season after the opening in 2005. The light installation will also be integrated in other art projects at Oslo S.

Clip from the media

The project was produced by Rom for kuns, by Kulturbyrået Mesén.

Eventlarge bak fasaden i original
Eventsmall bak fasaden ii original
Eventsmall bak fasaden iii original
Eventsmall bak fasaden iv original
Eventsmall bak fasaden v original