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«Antti Laitinen video program»

18.10.2019 - 4.12.2019
Oslo S

Three videos starring trees.

Antti Laitinen (b. 1975 in Finland) works with and against nature and its forces. He embarks on activities that are time- consuming and might seem absurd and futile at first glance. His works explore the relationship between man and nature. Who is in control and who has the power in this relationship?

Fall and Rise, 2019 
Antti Laitinen transforms a tree into a push puppet, a collapsing toy.

Marionette, 2017 
Antti Laitinen turns a tree into a marionette, and with strings he tries to imitate real wind.

Tree Reconstruction, 2012 
Antti Laitinen cuts down a tree and chops it into small pieces. He then tries to rebuild the tree using hammer and nails.

The video program is presented in collaboration with The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute.

See more art by Antti Laitinen in Oslo: Armour  is shown on a tree in Sofienbergparken, Toftes gate 47 until spring 2020.

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