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«All its glory»

Signe Solberg

20.4.2018 - 31.8.2018
Oslo S

All its glory is a 8x5x3 metre steel structure, made specifically for 
the façade of the Airport Express Terminal. On the otherwise solid construction, soft fringes catch the wind and create a shifting sense of lightness, mirroring the motion and activity of the surroundings. 

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Signe Solberg

Signe Solberg (born 1985) makes sculptures and installations, spanning from minimalism to constructivism. Through her abstract forms, she works with issues related to the monumental, playing with shapes, materials and contrasts, and connecting, among other things, sharp metals with soft fringes. She is interested in what triggers a visual experience, and how we are influenced by and find meaning in abstract form, making our own stories around it. 

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