«AGORA – Randbetingelser (AGORA – Boundary Conditions)»

Natasha Barrett, Arkitektgruppen OCEAN NORTH

24.5.2002 - 19.6.2002
Oslo S

An installation about the relationship between sound and architecture.

The installation was located over, under and around a walkway in the middle of the departure hall at Oslo S.
The physical installation consisted of 5 great sails and 150 meters aluminium tubes. The sound material (the composition) was generated by electronic sounds as well as recording of sounds in real time and by sounds made by the elements of the installation. The installation was the result of collaboration between the composer Natasha Barrett and the group of architects OCEAN NORTH.

Clip from the media

Other participants and collaborators

OCEAN NORTH – A Helsinki based architect company with connections to Oslo and London.

The project has received support from: Fond for Lyd og Bilde,Norsk Kulturråd, NoTAM og Abry Design

The project was produced in collaboration with Rom for kunst by Kulturbyrået Mesén

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