11.1.2007 - 6.2.2007
Oslo S



The consequences or aftereffects of an event, esp. when unpleasant 2.

New grass growing after mowing or harvest

Rom for kunst is pleased to be able to extend an invitation to the opening of the art exhibition: AFTERMATH
Friday, January 12th at 6 pm
Place: Oslo S, close by the taxi stand – Entrance North

With the concept of aftermath as a starting point, five works that relate to the concept in various ways have been selected. The time after may hold many different states, experiences, reactions and reflections, and may provide understanding to actions and events that seem meaningless on their own.

  • Ambition by Ole Giæver, shows a young man who runs in a skerries landscape. The expression is beautiful and intense, and in the end of the film, there arises some doubt that makes you feel sympathy for the man who otherwise appears as strong and idealized.
  • Signpainters by Katja Høst is a work that, in the same way as many of her works, which discusses and presents minor human expressions that we all know. By bringing them out of their context, she manages to go beyond the every day quality and become an expression of something that is important and beautiful.
  • Line Halvorsen’s Home employs text to review the contents of the picture. The result provides a surrealistic ambivalence that is deeply human.
  • In Static, Inger Lise Hansen presents landscapes and cities that form a backdrop for a world in constant change. Time reviews the traces of civilization, makes the humane vulnerable, and nature’s ability to adapt and change into something inevitable.
  • Ingvild Langgård’s Race presents horses that are run by people on a race track. Here, the horse becomes an image of people’s joy and need to break nature, while the horse appears as raw and beautiful power.

The exhibition will be open until February 7th and will be available at

Katinka Maraz is curator for Aftermath.

The project was produced by Rom for kunst by, Kulturbyrået Mesén

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