Eventlarge riksportrett Et riksportrett (etter Eidsvold 1814), 2014 ©Trond Hugo Haugen / BONO 2014 Photo: André Severin Johansen

«A portrait of a nation (after Eidsvold 1814)»

Trond Hugo Haugen

10.5.2014 - 14.9.2014
Oslo S

The painting "Eidsvold 1814" by Oscar Wergeland has become the visual symbol of the Constitution. 200 years after the Constitution's creation Haugen creates a new national portrait at Eidsvoll to mirror our own time. In the photograph "A portrait of a nation (after Eidsvold 1814)" Norway is scaled down to 112 representatives, and the representation of the image thus corresponds to the country we live in today.

- Many people will probably recognize the photographs source of inspiration: "Eidsvold 1814" by Oscar Wergeland which stands as the symbol of the Norwegian Constitution. The painting presents the 112 men who participated in the making of the Norwegian Constitution. In my work, however, I have chosen to put 112 Norwegians into Rikkssalen and thereby scaled the image down to Norway today. The work can be considered as an image of today's Norway, says artist Trond Hugo Haugen. 

Visit A portrait of a nation (after Eidsvold 1814 )website: www.riksportrett.no

- Rooms Eiendom is proud to be a partner of the exhibition, and not least to present Trond Hugo Haugen´s artwork at Oslo S where a diversity of people see it every day. The people in the photograph is us, says communications consultant Monica Toften, Rooms Property. 

The artwork is a part of the exhibition "1814 Revisited" produced by Akershus Art Centre and curated by Rikke Komissar. "1814 Revisited" discusses various themes such as democracy, freedom of expression and identity, and with as many as 18 new works, the exhibition provides an insight into what artists today want to present on the occasion of the Constitutions 200th anniversary. More information about "1814 Revisited".

Welcome to the opening on Saturday 10 May at. 13 at Oslo S, the upper square: 

  • Welcome by Svein Bjørkås, Director of KORO. 
  • Opening Speech by Eivind Røssaak, textbook author, media scholar at the Research Department of the National Library and former visiting professor at the University of Chicago. 
  • The artist will be present at the opening. 

The artwork at Oslo S is produced by Koro/URO, in collaboration with Akershus Art Centre, and is curated by Rikke Komissar. 

Photographer: André Severin Johansen

The project is supported by Fritt Ord (Freedom of Expression) and is made in cooperation with Eidsvoll1814, Room Eiendom, Folk & Film, Postproduksjon and Megaprint. 

"1814 Revisited - The Past is Still Present" will be exhibited in the following locations during the period May 10 to September 14: Akershus Art Centre, Lillestrøm Stallgården, Eidsvoll Verk Mago A and Eidsvoll Verk. 

Program for the opening of "1814 Revisited - The Past is Still Present" 10.mai at 15:00.